Wednesday, November 2, 2011

october gift-away by azreenchan


click here!

Assalamualaikum to our sponsor of this gift away
and to all the contestant.Wow,this is my first time typing in English just for a giftaway!
I am so excited when you said that you want to give a free book and it is english book!
I got a lot of books but all of them is in Malay --_---"
I wonder when can i buy an English novel or magazine.
I would like to but i think they kind expensive Y_Y
I wish someday someone willing to give me all English books to me so that i can sharpen my English grammar cause i am not good enough in English.
Right now i am borrowing my friend's book but i think i need to return it cause it was so thick!
I would love to read it but i don't have the mood lately cause i feel kind of boring at home and school and don't know when will the 'happy mood' come to me :D

I love books since i was in primary school.I love to see the illustration in the books.It just so colourful and make me want to enter into the world of books![if i can :p]

Oh yes!Before i forget about your question



Because it make me feel calm and happy.You know what?I love to buy children books .The covers just so amazing and catching my eyes and make my hand grab the book! :D
I was so glad that i have a lot of children books.I know that majority of my friends love to read love story .Even i also like love story,but children books is still the best!The story make me flashback about my childhood.Having a great friends,falling in love [cinta monyet :p] ,someone adore you in silence and a lots more!Sometime,i wish i was a children.I don't want to grow up more.Don't you think like that?

Wanna look at my books collection?

These just a few.And it's all IN MALAY
Majority of the books i got from contest in the internet.Isn't that great?
I am feel very grateful if Kak Azreen would willing to give me her great books

Isn't it look great?.I wish i am so lucky to get that book. : /

Looking at the cover and this picture make me feel eager to read that book.
Uh...Give me this book! >_<

The words make me feel want to eat this book! hahah
But i am so sure i will not :p
I never get chance to buy English book,
can you give me the chance to have English book
even just one? :]