Sunday, December 3, 2017

Perler Beads?

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening.So today i am literally kind of a little bit hardworking to post an entry.Just a short one,to share something about beads.

Have you ever heard about perler beads before?Its quite popular in other country,but not in Malaysia.I think so.Because jarang orang jual perler beads ni.Only the artistic person who know about these perler beads.

How does it looks like?

Image result for perler beads

It got a lot of colours but in the same shape.Like a plastic texture.

What can exactly you do with these beads?

Many things!
You can protect you earphone,making keychain,magnet,pencil case and many more..

Here are some of my creations.

Ada lagi,but i bagi my lecturer as a farewell gifts.
If i make giveaway for perler beads,Ada ke yang nak join?


  1. Wow! great sharing~ Serbaguna jugak cik Manik ni... hohohoh

  2. Wah, kalau buat GA, mrs pip nak join ni...
    Perler beads tu nampak menarik...

  3. wow kreatifnya awak! Buat la GA bagi hadiah ni sebab menarik sangat. Singgah sini & Follow blog awak :D

  4. Kalau di dunia perikanan, mirip bio ring yang buat ditempatkan di filter aquarium. 🤔